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mini oil extraction press machine/lady home press for sale

mini oil extraction press machine/lady home press for sale

processes to operate oil press machine price

1. Prepare the seeds,before oil extraction machine  to press oil material.

2. Adjust the machine, such as electricity, heating (optional);

3. Start the machine, putting seeds into the feeder;

4. Seed into the screw bolt , begin to press

5. The crude oil comes out of the squeezing bolt, then flow into the board ,

6. Go into the vacuum filter, using it for filtration

7. After filtration, the oil comes out from the bottom of pipe


Characteristic of mini oil extraction machine

1.Efficient energy-savingthe ordinary oil press machine processing 50 kg of raw materials need to power 13 KW motor 1 hour, but our machine processing 50 Kg of raw materials, with 3 KW of motor only 5 minutes power consumption, efficiency several times, saving 90% the above of electric

2.Value: the ordinary oil press machine after rolling, the by-product can only be used as animal feed, but our machine after processing, such as per Kg of peanuts squeezed out 28 – 35 pounds of oil, peanuts can also be restored to the original processing of high protein, Fat green food, such as processing spicy peanuts, fish peanuts, peanut tofu, peanut pickles, peanut sugar, peanut granules and other peanut foods. Product added value is higher.

3.No loss: the ordinary oil press machine with spiral extrusion, resulting in high temperature, so that oil nutrition, raw material loss of 6%, the machine using physical compression, no heating, no loss, oil rate adjustable, oil and the famous Brand compared to the United States.

4.Environmental protection: the ordinary oil press machine need to use other finished oil after rolling , and noise. our machine uses a direct filter, don’t use finished oil and low noise, the production process does not add any chemical materials, in line with green food standards.

feature of oil extraction machine:

1. Energy Saving: The electric power can be reduced by 40% under the same output.

2. Labor Saving: 60% labor can be saved under the same output.

3. Widely Usage: The machine is multi-function. It can process more than 20 kinds of oil crops.

4. Pure Oil: Vaccum filter can filter the residue and ensure the oil quality.

5. Small Area Covering: 10 ~ 20 m2 can meet the production needs

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