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rice bran oil

What is rice bran oil?

Since 1994, rice bran oil for the production of food has been in the United States for commercial production. Although rice bran oil is similar to other common vegetable oils, it provides some unique characteristics that make it a special oil on the oil market. It has a very attractive nuts taste, once extracted, it will be very stable, and very dynamic. But perhaps its most striking feature is its high content of ingredients, which contain such as gamma -oryzanol and tocotrienols such trace elements.

The above figure details the structure of the rice kernel. In most commercial milling processes, including wheat germs or embryos, only about 8% of the rice weight, but contains about one-third of the oil. Rice bran contains about 15-20% oil (oil and soybeans almost), so rice bran oil has commercial value, but also has the use value.

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