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Hydraulic oil press machine introduction for use and maintenance

Full automatic Hydraulic oil press machine introduction for use and maintenance(一)

introduction of hydraulic oil press machine:

1.Before use oil press machine, you must carefully read the operating instructions, familiar with the performance and characteristics of the machine and operating methods.

2.You must conduct a comprehensive inspection in Before starting the hydraulic oil press machine, the fasteners shall not be loose, flexible handle rotation, hand pulley, the operating parts should be normal, no abnormal sound, followed by reloading machine in the 30 # engine oil.

3.Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise, (adjust the handle counterclockwise rotation, the cake gap narrow, adjust the handle clockwise rotation, the cake gap widened) to squeeze the cone of the cone out of the cone Face, and then clockwise out of the adjustment screw (spin 3-5 ring), and then tighten the nut, ready to run thehydraulic oil press machine.

4.Machine connected the power supply, the power is turned on, after the spindle should be counterclockwise rotation, any situation, the machine must have a good grounding device, or can not run.

5.Adjust the temperature controller (2) to the press required temperature 120 -180 (themachine according the oil material) to the heating switch to the host heating position, the heating temperature of the machine, then the temperature controller on the green light, red light Off, when the temperature rises to the set temperature, and the red light green light off, the machine temperature is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature, the temperature is low in the winter, the heating switch to the host all the heating position, so that the oil Plate temperature increases, the oil easy outflow.

6.Press the main motor button, (the oil press machine switch to the positive position) the the oil press machine began to run, the direction of rotation should be counterclockwise rotation.

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